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Premium Forklift: Where Customers Rent Forklifts In Calgary

Forklifts are required to lift and carry heavy loads, stock shelves, and load shipments into the warehouse. Whether it's an entire fleet or single unit, a forklift purchase is a big investment to any company. A forklift rental rather than purchasing a used forklift is an economical way to cut down operational costs. If your warehouse or facility requires frequent forklift rentals, or if you are a contractor who needs the forklift on a per job basis, Premium Forklift has best rental options available in Calgary.

Why Choose Premium Forklift Rentals:-

Affordable Rates and Flexible Dates 

At Premium Forklift, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates for all types of equipment we carry. The rates of forklifts rentals are determined by equipment type, weight capacity, and timeframe. Schedule your preferred pickup and drop off dates to ensure the job is completed when you need it to be.

Trustworthy Brands 

We carry a wide variety of forklifts. Our forklifts for rent are serviced, reliable and ready to go for all of our customers. At Premium Forklift, we understand that you are not just looking for a trustworthy company to rent a forklift; you are looking for a trustworthy forklift to employ! Like you, we invest in our own forklift rental fleet by providing recognizable and quality brands. With our rental forklifts in your warehouse, you won't have to worry about the equipment breaking down and slowing down momentum.

Professional Staff 

Premium Forklift prides itself in its customer service. Our knowledgeable staff won't just rattle off the price of forklift rentals, they'll help you determine what type of forklift you need and an estimated timeframe to complete the job. We're here to offer excellent service while saving you time and money. Our delivery service is topnotch and reliable for timely drop offs and picks ups.

Premium Forklift is the best place to find your next forklift for rent; we are where customers rent forklifts. To determine which type of forklift and timeframe you may require, simply call our rental division at 403 969 4343.

Customer Testimonials

Great people running Premium Forklift rentals in Calgary. All forklifts they have look great as well.

- Gary B., Calgary, AB

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